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Welcome to ~Pass the Pollen Please~ where we are always looking for the ‘sweet spot in beekeeping.’

Conservation~Restoration~Honey bees

Why Conservation?

Our Earth is a supply of endless and wonderous resources. It creates anything and everything that we people need for survival and happiness.

BUT the Earth’s resources are being taken faster than they can be replenished and used in many unsustainable and unethical ways.

Why Restoration?

Our Earth offers a menagerie of plants & animals, each filling a crucial role in the ecosystem of our Permacultural home.

However, forage fields that are crucial to pollinator survival and natural habitats for countless other creatures are being bulldozed and covered in concrete more and more everyday.

Why Honey bees?

With so many different species of pollinators, our Earth and its inhabitants rely on the benefits of their pollination efforts.

Without overlooking the importance of all pollinators, I have chosen honey bees specifically because of their incredible ability to pollinate food crops quickly and also because of the products of the hive that they provide for us.

Learn more about how exciting your role can be in the betterment of awesomeness! Press the buzzer below 🙂

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