The Ecological Landscape

The Ecological Landscape Professional

by Erik Ohlsen

Core Concepts for Integrating the best practices of Permaculture, Landscape Design, and Environmental Restoration into Professional Practice

Have you ever wondered, “Is this the right book for me?” What if it isn’t the one that answers the questions you have? What if it does? I am going to share with you the idea of what this book is about. My hope is to help you decide whether or not this book is for you. Let’s begin!

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the ecological landscape by erik ohlsen
Photo by Jonathan Hargus

What is the goal of this book?

The pages within this book contain a practical set of detailed principles for improving local ecology through landscaping, using permaculture practices.

That was a mouthful! But it’s also true. Broken down into 10 chapters, the author details usable strategies to help improve community and home landscapes to benefit the earth.

These strategies are designed to encompass the environment that you and I live in and improve them using systems that require lower maintenance, no pesticides or herbicides, create water storage, improve soil conditions and wildlife habitat and more.

The book explains how to first analyze individual sites and gives steps towards proper planning for improvement.

If I had to summarize the book as a whole then I would call it an introductory course to becoming a professional ecological landscaper. The author himself holds such a title and teaches others through his in-depth online courses how to pursue a career in ecological landscaping.

What is Ecological Landscaping?

Now, I want to try and define the term ‘Ecological Landscaping.’ It’s much more than aesthetic landscaping. It is an answer to a problem and a solution to a healthier environment.

So many of us worry about the world we are leaving to our children’s care. Pollution, land clearing, loss of habitats and forage fields, honey bees disappearing, freak natural disasters, erosion, food crisis and more.

But our kids are far removed from the earth and her ways. How are they going to know what to do and how to do it?

Ecological Landscaping is a must. Imagine if you found a diet that eradicated disease. Or bought a car that was completely ‘green,’ or had such a healthy garden that you almost never had to go to the grocery store because your own piece of land produced more than you could ever consume.

This is THE answer to erosion, poor water runoff, healthier soil and water, drought, thriving wildlife and healthy beehives.

This book is truly a genius solution

I admit to having difficulty really nailing down what this book is about. I could list the chapter names for you. But that wouldn’t be enough. So I’m going to try a another angle.

Think about one thing that you would love to do but have no idea about how to start or where to begin. Now imagine that someone came along and said to you that they could give you a general outline that breaks down everything you need to know into organized little tidbits and the order in which to do them.

That’s what this book is. It is just enough information to show you that there is an actual plan to restoring the earth in a methodical, step by step way.

Not what I thought it was

This book is not actually what I thought it would be. When I ordered it, I was expecting something full of pretty pictures. Nope!

Instead, what I found was something much more valuable. And there were plenty of pictures in my mind as I imagined the words as I read them. This book showed me that there is an organized framework that I can use to recreate my own piece of property into a thriving paradise.

If you have goals for your own paradise and/or you have ever considered making a living as an ecological landscape designer, then this book is a great beginning. But there’s much more!

Erik’s book also offers a link to Free Online Training courses to get you started. Here’s a link to the book,

If you’re interested in learning and training…

ELM- The Eco-Landscape Mastery School

At the Permaculture Skills Center, they offer a 16-module online course on Ecological Landscaping covering:

A complete system for setting up a Regenerative Business or Organization. Each module complete with downloadable guides, templates, and cheat sheets to help you implement.

It also includes Live Coaching with Erik Ohlsen, monthly expert hangouts, access to a private mastermind community, and a one-time student fee that offers lifetime membership access. You can learn so much more at the link below.


As this is my first book review on this blog, I’m trying to figure out a more cohesive framework to use. My goal is to creatively and succinctly give you what you need to know about this book without rambling on.

I would appreciate any questions you have about the book or suggestions on how to strengthen these reviews to be more helpful. So go ahead and criticize in the comments below 😉

And until next time remember,

~Weeds are Wildflowers, let them Bee!~

Jonathan Hargus/Beekeeper Extraordinaire

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