An educational picture book your children will love

There’s a new book on the market aimed at teaching young children using vibrant colors and clever rhymes. There’s no better way to teach your children about the importance of wildflowers as bee forage, than this book!

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the first page in the children's educational picture book Weeds are Wildflowers, let them Bee!
This is not only the first page in the book but also my first watercolor!
Photo by Jonathan Hargus©

Educational picture book that is Fun too!

Okay, I’m a little biased because I wrote the book. My goal is to help create a more sustainable mindset in our children; the beekeepers of tomorrow and I’m very proud of what this book has become. But don’t just take my word for it; here’s a mother’s point of view…

So, my son is wild, hard to get him to sit or pay attention when I am reading to him. He was pretty wound up when I first opened this book, but as soon as I opened it he was immediately drawn to the amazing watercolor pictures within.”

Amazon review by Keisha, mother of one wild little boy

What wonderful words! To catch the attention of an active little guy who is always moving around with energy (like I wish I had) is quite telling.

a page from the children's educational picture book Weeds are Wildflowers, let them Bee!
Each page shows a more realistic honey bee with an accompanying page with cute little bees happily flying to and from flowers. This is one of the pages before I inserted the rhyming text. Photo by Jonathan Hargus©

My inspiration behind the scenes

It’s interesting how this book got started. Originally, I wanted to write a series of books that would help beginner beekeepers on a wide array of beekeeping topics, and I still do.

But that is going to take awhile and I wanted something out there in the world sooner, hopefully making a difference. So I sat down on my bed one evening and began to write out a catchy little rhyme about honey bees pollinating flowers.

While it was being edited by my friend Megan Myers, I began illustrating the book. Now keep in mind, I have never tried watercolor before so I decided to research watercolor supplies and watching tons of YouTube video tutorials.

During my research I found a watercolor made by M. Graham and guess what? They use Blackberry honey as one of their main ingredients! I was sold. You can find your own below. They’re smooth and naturally hold in moisture.

You can watch me read the first two or three pages of the book here. Man was I nervous too! It was my very first video too. Enjoy!

So I got started on my illustrations but things were not turning out quite right. I realized very quickly that my story and my illustrations did not match for what I had envisioned.

I wanted my book to have a more cartoon-like honey bee but these were looking more realistic than cartoon. So instead of starting over on my illustrating, I decided to write a story that would match my pictures.

release day ad for the children's educational picture book Weeds are Wildflowers, let them Bee!
One of my release day ads on Facebook and Instagram! You may have even seen it yourself. Photo by Jonathan Hargus©

That night I sat down again and came up with Weeds are Wildflowers, let them Bee! So the original story that I wrote about bees pollinating flowers…that is going to come out later this year.

As my illustrations and story began to merge and become one, I suddenly realized something; if the world is going to ‘Save the bees,’ then our beekeeping practices are going to have to change. And what better way than to start with tomorrow’s beekeepers- our children.

The point of the book is to let kids know how important all the flowers, even weed-like wildflowers, are to the bees!”

Amazon review by Keisha, mother of one energetic little guy

Not what I expected

In essence, this book has been one of personal discovery. I have never been one who enjoys talking bee-talk with other beekeepers. Every beekeeper has so many opinions about how to keep bees yet at the same time those methods are clearly not working.

It wasn’t until I started this blog and writing my very first (of many) children’s educational picture books that I enjoyed talking about bees.

This world is in desperate need for better beekeeping and a better environment. So for me it starts with this book, Weeds are Wildflowers, let them Bee! which is available on

Get your own copy today by clicking the links in this post. I would really enjoy hearing what you think about it, and your children’s reactions as well.

Please leave any comments or reviews below or online at Can you imagine if one day your child is the one who can finally say, ‘We saved the bees’?

Thanks again for joining me and until next time remember,

~Weeds are Wildflowers, let them Bee!~

Jonathan Hargus/Author Extraordinaire

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  1. Congratulations on your new book, Jonathan! How wonderful!

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