Bee-Native Honey

Learn why Bee-Native Honey is highly sought after.

Everyday people just like you and me are beginning to take their health and quality of life much more seriously. Way to bee!

The ‘honey’ that we see on the grocery-store shelf is in fact more accurately referred to as:

An adulterated, pesticide-laden pollination by-product

That doesn’t sound pretty does it?

The majority of honey sold at the grocery store must be pasteurized, meaning that it’s been heated to the point that kills all the healthy vitamins. In essence, it’s no longer a ‘live’ food but simply a sweetener.

There are many places throughout the country where honey bees are needed for pollination. In areas like this you can guarantee that there’s gonna be some pesticide spraying going on frequently. This makes it’s way into the honey.

One of the saddest practices out there are commercial beekeeping practices that rob the honey bee hive of most of its natural honey stores and then replace it with corn syrup, no doubt made from GMO corn.

On top of that, the harsh chemicals that the commercial beekeepers use to battle pests & disease find their way into the honey as well.

This is not food people!

That’s where Bee-Native Honey steps in…‘Taste the Untamed’

My beekeeping practices have separated me far from the commercial world of beekeeping and here’s why Bee-Native Honey is the best you can find:

It’s Wild Cultivated

  • …which means the nectar is foraged by my bees from the local mountain country, far from areas that are sprayed with pesticides.

It’s Raw

  • …which means it’s never heated. You are getting a ‘live’ food with all of the natural pollens, amino acids, vitamins & minerals intact!

It’s Local

  • …to the tri-state area of North Georgia, Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina BUT it’s more important to eat Raw Honey than it is to eat Local– Raw honey that is going to nourish an immune system.

Responsible Practices

  • My beekeeping methods use minimal-invasive techniques to minimize hive stress.
  • All my honey is Sustainably harvested to encourage strong, healthy beehives.
  • By maintaining fewer hives than commercial beekeepers, I am able to harvest in small-batches to encourage a healthier local ecology that doesn’t create too much competition between our local pollinators and the honey bees too.
  • Essentially…you’re getting an experience when you buy Bee-Native Honey. An experience of floral arrangements in a jar of absolute natural food!

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  1. Kesha Barnett says:

    Your honey is literally the best honey I’ve ever had! Thank you for making this accessible via shipping, now I’ll never worry about running out! Great, gorgeous, user-friendly site too!

    1. Thank you so much for such positive feedback Kesha! We love hearing from our fans!😊🌻🌻

  2. Cecile says:

    Where can I purchase some of your sourwood honey?

    1. Hi! Well that depends, what area do you live in? Or state?

  3. Mary says:

    Hi- we picked up some honey today in blue ridge and loved it. How do we get more? We are in blue ridge a couple weekends a month.

    1. That’s wonderful! I am so happy you like it. I am usually at the downtown blue ridge market most Saturdays. I also have an honor system honey booth at my address on the jar label open every day.

  4. Marisa Maxwell says:

    How do I order your honey?

    1. Hi Marisa, we can arrange payment through Venmo for honey plus shipping. I get your address and send it out😁

  5. Barbara & Paul Cooper says:

    Hi! Where are you located so we can purchase your honey? We live in Marble, NC.

    1. Hi! I’m in Blairsville GA. My honey is in several retail stores but it’s easiest to find it at my honor system booth:

      115 Dillard Rd, Blairsville GA 30512

  6. Lynne Gerber says:

    Hi! I got some of your honey when I was at the market in Blueridge earlier this summer. I’ll be back up in Blairsville this weekend. Where would be the best place for me to grab some more? Loved both of the varieties that I got.

    1. Hey Lynne, I apologize for the late reply 🙁 I hope you were able to find what you were looking for. Please let me know if I can help you and I will be much more diligent responding to you. Thank you for choosing Bee Native Honey 🙂

  7. Joe says:

    What retail stores can I find your honey in? Thanks

    1. Hey Joe, my honey is in four different retail stores in my area of the northeast Georgia mountains: Nomad Market of Morganton, Suches Life, Rhatigan Family Farms and Mountain Life Mercantile.

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