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Tired of losing your beehives?

Something I say often is that beekeeping isn’t easy. But it is incredibly fascinating isn’t it? With a hobby as costly and involved as beekeeping, it can be extremely discouraging when it doesn’t work the way you hoped.

Few hobbies have the huge learning curve that comes with beekeeping. It takes an entire year just to get a feel for beekeeping because each season is different in activity and task.

Who needs a beekeeping mentor?

  • Do you struggle with winter losses?
  • Perhaps you’re getting bees the first time and would like some guidance?
  • Is Varroa mite kicking your butt? Can you identify the signs of Varroa?
  • Do you need help treating for Varroa and other pests & disease?
  • Installing a package for the first time?
  • Maybe you want to learn how to graft and/or raise your own queens?
  • Need help learning how to use certain equipment?
  • Maybe you don’t know which equipment you need.
  • Do you know what to look for during a hive inspection?
  • How much is too much honey to harvest?
  • You name it…I can help!

With 15 years apprenticing under my beekeeper’s belt, and 3 years mentoring others, I have a unique advantage over many beekeepers who struggle on their own.

I’ve been in the world of beekeeping since 2002 and I have had my share of trial & error.

Why take years to learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from mine?

Quoteth me

What am I offering?

In short, anything bee related for new, novice and or experienced beekeepers.

I provide guidance, prompting your own observation skills. I will demonstrate certain tasks, showing you how to do them and explaining why they’re done a certain way.

We will use minimal-invasive techniques to create the least amount of stress on the bees. Then I will have you do the same as you see me do.

More than a book, I’ll be there to interact, explain, listen, answer and anything else!

What good is it if you can identify American Foul Brood in your hives? Because by then…it’s too late! I’ll teach you how to prevent it.

*Cost for Services: Each situation may vary depending on what you personally need. But to begin, I offer between 30-90 minutes. This gives you and I enough time to accomplish most beekeeping tasks including explanations and answering any and all questions. The rate is $40 for this mentor/apprentice session. If you need more time, we can arrange something AND I also recommend signing up for one of my on-site beekeeping courses that may help you with your specific interest. Payment is arranged in person OR below through Paypal. Thank you!!

My personal Beekeeping Mentor

Hire The Beekeeping Mentor, and get off on the right foot in your beekeeping adventure! $40 for 90 minutes of in-depth, hands-on beekeeping guidance.


*Learn more here about my on-site beekeeping courses.

*Areas served: I live between Blue Ridge and Blairsville Georgia. At this time I am serving these two towns as well as: Mineral Bluff, Morganton, McCaysville, Elijay, Young Harris and Suches Georgia.

*Questions? For any clarification please contact me through my Contact Page…I look forward to working with you!!

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  1. Nancy Smith says:

    I have all the equipment for doing bees and have taken a class but haven’t had the nerve to get started yet. Maybe you can help me this spring season get started?? My name is Nancy Smith, I live in Blue Ridge and my # is 706-455-0366. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy! Sounds like you’re off to a great start! I’m more than happy to help you with the next step. I’ll save your number. In the meantime we can arrange something by email. Send me a message to

  2. Janis says:

    How close are you to Watkinsville, GA? I am newer to the state

    1. Hi Janis! I’m located two hours north north east of Watkinsville. 😊

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