-Honey Booth-

There’s an old-timey concept that hasn’t been seen very much these days. It’s something called, The Honor System. Have you ever heard of it?

Well it’s coming back around. That’s right, and our Honey Booth is officially open for the season!!

Our business hours are roughly 8am-ish to 7:30pm-ish. Our monthly open days may vary. For the month of May we’re open every day but the following: 12th, 19th & 26th.

I designed and built this Honey Booth for people like you! And I really like it when the community writes in the guestbook. I love hearing your thoughts and knowing where you come from.

local beekeeper's honey stand based on the honor system
My Honey Booth. Photo by Jonathan Hargus

Anyone can drive up to this Stand, choose the honey they want, drop their money in the beehive on the shelf and they’re done. There’s a guestbook to sign too.

But if you’re not located close by and you still want some high quality raw honey, then I recommend Bloom Honey. They offer some amazing varieties and they’re all raw!! Click their link below and order some delicious 😉

Jonathan Hargus/Honey Booth Guy Extraordinaire

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