Welcome to my Projects Page!

This is where you can find what type of projects that I’m currently working on for people like you and me.

Projects could include anything from planting areas for honey bee forage or writing and illustrating children’s educational books, plus:

  • The Mentor Series: a multi-series of books, each containing specific topics to beekeeping; the solutions to the problems no matter your experience level
  • Children’s books: designed to inform, make aware, and spark wonder. Your kids will come away with a new look on how amazing flowers are for pollinators
  • Free content and advice: This blog is an ongoing stream of information to come back and refer to again and again. Join me as we look for better beekeeping methods that lead to successful beekeepers and healthy beehives
  • Land restoration: Land is constantly being bulldozed, burned, logged and developed. Keep tabs on what you can do to maintain a sustainable lifestyle on this beautiful earth
  • And much more…

Head on over to my current Projects to see my current Children’s Picture Book, updates on The New Mentor Series for beekeepers or my Honey Booth, where you can come and buy honey if you’re in the area!

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