Protective Clothing

Let’s face it- beekeeping without protective clothing is like going to school in your underwear; it ain’t cool. I have experience with top quality protective gear and the ‘other stuff’ as well.

Here are some of my top picks to get you started without worrying if you’re getting the right thing or not. These links lead to, of which I am an affiliate and appreciate any support you offer by making a purchase. Let’s begin!

So this Square folding veil by Mann Lake was the very first veil I ever had. It’s long gone by now but I am seriously considering getting another one because I don’t always like wearing a full jacket/veil combo. Especially on hot summer days, this veil is quick and easy to put on and just as easy to fold away when done. I really like the sturdy wire screen that the veil is made of. It doesn’t snag like other ‘veils’ I’ve had and it stays away from my face while I’m working. Totally worth it. To help you understand veil options I would like to refer you to my post, Top 3 beekeeping veils: what to get and what to avoid.

But let’s say you want a lot more protection than just a jacket and veil. I get it, you’re new to beekeeping and the thought of getting stung is building anxiety. So let’s look at something that will offer you greater protection. Time to suit up!

The one listed above is great, just make sure to choose the right size. Use their sizing chart to see which fits you best. And as a heads up, all beekeeping suits are a bit on the baggy side.

Humble Bee beekeeping gloves/ These are very impressive gloves with their reinforced stitching, ventilated sleeves and stitched gauntlets. They aren’t going to fall apart anytime soon. With their elastic sleeves, they stay up above the elbows pretty good, keeping you safe from stings just like the thick leather glove part. To help you learn more about beekeeping gloves, I would like to refer you to my post, What to look for in a good pair of beekeeping gloves.

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