Hands-on Beekeeping Course

The Hands-on Beekeeping Course that gives you the experience and takes away the Guesswork.

-The Secrets to Successful Beekeeping-

  • Stop struggling with your hives and let a beekeeping mentor show you how to keep bees year-round with confidence.
  • It’s SO frustrating when you’ve been planning to have bees, you got all the equipment, tools and gear and then one day the bees just up and leave without even saying goodbye.
  • Or perhaps your bees stuck around but ended up dying. Now what to you do with all that expensive equipment you invested into?
  • Well don’t give up…sign up! Sign up and prepare to become immersed into the world of beekeeping where I will show you more than just the ropes.

Read what others have experienced…

Sustainable Beekeeper

“Jonathan’s love for the bees spills over into the way he teaches. He values the health of the bees and long-term sustainable beekeeping over quick, greedy, fast results. The best part is Jonathan’s demeanor and teaching style is never arrogant or haughty…there’s never any mansplaining—Jonathan is wise, patient and funny as heck!”

-Beekeeper Anna

“After three years of trying to keep bees on my own, I was so grateful to have found Jonathan as a mentor. I have learned tons from him. He made it seem so fun and easy. It is a joy to learn and improve my beekeeping skills.”

– Beekeeper George

“I started my beekeeping journey right before the 2020 pandemic hit. I had to go at it alone, with only the help of books and social media groups. The next season, I was introduced by a friend to Jonathan. He is very kind and detail oriented. He takes the time to carefully explain any questions that I have, and he is easy to reach with any questions that arise. I am very much impressed with how he takes so much time explaining the ins and outs of beekeeping to my young daughter who started her own hive. He is extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend him to guide you along on your own beekeeping adventure.”

– Beekeepers Amanda and Kylie

“I became interested in beekeeping and found a local class. Jonathan had a class coming up and I joined! I was extremely nervous prior to going but he helped to talk me through what the class would consist of to calm my fears. The class size is small so you get a lot of one on one attention, hands on teaching and you’re able to ask all the questions your heart desires! Jonathan has a gentle approach which is extremely helpful when you’re starting anything new, but especially in beekeeping. He is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience…I’m so grateful for the knowledge and friendships with Jonathan and my classmates.”

-Beekeeper Kassie

by Jonathan A. Hargus