The Honey Box

What began as a job to pay for my gas money has turned into a passion and career, producing one of the highest sought after products in the northeast Georgia mountains and beyond. Come visit my honor-system honey box…’It’s sweeter on the inside!’

Bee Native Honey is known for its better flavor compared to other local honey.

A bottle of honey is only as good as the practices of the beekeeper who bottled it…

Quoteth me

What makes Bee Native Honey different than the rest?

It’s Raw– which means that it’s never heated, keeping the vitamins and minerals intact which means it is a live food for better health.

It’s Wild Cultivated– which means that my bees forage on the mountain trees and valley wildflowers creating a very low-pesticide product.

It’s Local– keeping my bees maintained in one area rather than moving them around means less stress on my bees so that I can harvest a quality product in small batches using Sustainable Methods.

177 Poteete Creek Rd, Blairsville GA 30412