What to expect when you arrive…

*Important information to know before you come

*ParkingWhen you arrive, park behind the vehicles that are already there. Then walk down towards the lower area among the young pine trees. After that just look for the brown canopy tent, that’s where we’ll meet.

*RestroomSince we will be located outdoors in an out-yard apiary, there are no actual restrooms available…however there are areas that provide privacy where you may relieve yourself. It’s very much like when you go hiking in the woods, you just do what you gotta do!

*RefreshmentsWe will have water and possibly honey-sweetened iced tea available. Sometimes we may even have some snacks or finger foods available to munch on.

*Registration form/Waiver form/PaymentsBefore you arrive, it is important that you have already completely filled out AND emailed the course Registration Form AND Waiver Form! Payments must also have already been paid and received in full.

*Refund PolicyPayments must be paid in full 1 week prior to your course date. However, you are allowed to pay before your actual course date. If for any reason you must cancel your scheduled course, you will be given the options to either accept a 50% refund OR to use your payment to book another course at a later date.

*Contact informationIf for any reason and at any time you need something clarified OR if you have certain needs OR extenuating circumstances then please contact me directly through my Contact Page.

Looking for some one-on-one guidance?

Click below to find out more about my personal mentor-ship program. That’s right! I come to your apiary with the specified limits and guide you through WHATEVER bee stuff you need help with…

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