High quality goes a long way…

-Bee Native Honey is Untamed

Each jar of honey is only as good as the beekeeper who bottled it.

It’s true, Bee Native honey is simply the result of a 20-year-long-developed, sustainable beekeeping practice. A jar of honey is only as good as the beekeeper who bottled it. Know your beekeeper because there are still many of us beekeepers who create quality honey.

People ask me what the two feather logo represents. After all, it’s not a traditional thing you see on honey labels. The meaning is twofold:

The Second Reason first is: Native American background

Having Native American Cherokee heritage on both sides of my family, I’ve always been fascinated and held a deep respect for Native American history.

I began making my own beekeeping equipment in a modern-day Native American tipi as a woodworking shop. Spending hours out there in the cold during winter, I would build my hive bodies and wooden frames, bottom boards and hive covers, enjoying every bit of it.

Well, I don’t have that tipi anymore but I will always remember that it was the foundation of where I started this whole beekeeping journey.

The Primary Reason: To support Honey Bees AND Native Pollinators

When I first began keeping bees in the northeast Georgia mountains, I only had one location to keep my hives; one apiary.

I put all 36 of my hives at the time in that one apiary. Not a very sustainable method.

As a result, every hive made a little honey and none of them made a lot of honey. I realized there was too much competition among my hives and if there’s not enough honey for them then there’s not enough for the native pollinators either.

So I started practicing a new rule: Only 12 hives per apiary. I now keep multiple locations of 12 hives each.

This not only resulted in higher yields of honey for my bees and I but didn’t create too much competition for the native pollinators as well.

-Every single jar of honey represents a set of practices, ethics & personal codes.

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